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If you feel embarrassed about red and blue clusters of vessels on your legs, you’re not alone. According to, about half of all women and men are affected by these unsightly veins, known as spider veins. These veins form when valves inside of veins become weak or damaged, resulting in blood not circulating properly and collecting in the veins.shutterstock_150917054

There are various factors that cause spider veins to form, including:


During pregnancy, the amount of blood in the body increases, not to mention the added weight that accumulates during those nine months, which puts pressure on the veins. More spider veins can appear with each additional pregnancy.


Being overweight not only puts individuals at a higher probability of developing many serious medical conditions, but also increases the chances of spider veins forming. As weight is steadily gained over time, the excess pressure weakens the valves in the veins and decreases blood flow.


Many parts of the body tend to work less efficiently as we age, and the veins are no different. As the heart works harder at pumping the blood, the valves of the veins also deteriorate, causing spider veins to form.

Lack of Mobility

Working a job that requires sitting or standing for long periods of time can make the veins in the legs work harder to pump blood upwards back to the heart. This added work can damage valves and permanently slow blood flow in the legs.

To improve the appearance of the legs, Dr. Roussalis performs sclerotherapy at his Wyoming practice. The procedure takes just a few minutes to perform, and there is very minimal discomfort and little to no downtime. To perform this treatment, a solution is injected directly into the tiny veins. This solution causes the vein walls to stick together and seal shut. This procedure requires no anesthesia and is performed in Dr. Roussalis’ office.

If you have spider veins and are self-conscious about your legs, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon by calling (307) 234-4585 or by filling out our online contact form today. Dr. John Roussalis is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is dedicated to helping you get rid of your spider veins.