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Arm Lift Surgery in Casper, WYIf you have what many refer to as “bat wings,” you might cringe at the thought of wearing sleeveless tops or bathing suits during the summer. Perhaps you lost a significant amount of weight leading up to this point and are now wondering how to get rid of the cumbersome excess skin that remains on your arms. Not only may your confidence be affected, but you may also have discomfort, difficulty performing exercises, or even sores as a result of the excess skin on your arms.

Is arm lift surgery right for me?

Many people seek arm lift surgery to get rid of their “bat wings” and “arm flab.” Typical patients have either lost a significant amount of weight or have a substantial amount of excess skin due to gravity, the natural aging process, and poor skin elasticity. A scar located on the underside of the arm from the armpit to the elbow is used to remove excess skin and fat. Patients interested in arm lift surgery should be prepared to have an inconspicuous scar that will fade over time. Most patients find that the benefits of arm lift surgery outweigh the drawbacks of the resulting scar. The majority of patients return to work about one week after their procedure and are able to enjoy their newly contoured arms.


Arm lift surgery is not right for everyone, and some patients may qualify for less invasive techniques to improve the appearance of their arms.


UltraShape® offers non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction with no anesthetics, no pain, and no downtime. This revolutionary procedure uses focused, pulsed ultrasound technology to selectively destroy fat cells, and you can immediately return to your normal activities after treatment. Lose up to 1 to 2.5 inches with minimal effort.


Those who have good skin elasticity and minimal excess skin and are hoping to attain a more sculpted, toned arm appearance may benefit more from liposuction. Several small incisions will be used to suction out the fat with a thin, hollow tube.

Minimal Incision

A minimal incision arm lift will result in a shorter scar within the armpit and may be performed for patients who do not require a significant amount of skin and fat to be removed.

To find out if you are a candidate for the arm lift procedure, call (307) 234-4585 or fill out our online contact form today. Dr. John L. Roussalis is ABPS Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and looks forward to helping you bid farewell to annoying “bat wings” and achieve arms that give you confidence.