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When it comes to body changes during pregnancy, most women know to expect more than just a growing belly. Enlarged breasts during pregnancy are usually one of the few desirable changes for expectant mothers, especially for those who have always been unhappy with their small breast size. As early as six weeks into the first trimester, many pregnant women find themselves shopping for bras that are one to two cup sizes larger.

A new mother can maintain the added breast volume after pregnancy by breastfeeding, but her breasts will begin to return to their normal size once breastfeeding stops. The difference after this point is that her breast tissue thickness has likely diminished, and the skin on her breasts has been stretched. No amount of exercise can tone this area to return the breasts to their pre-pregnancy state. For mothers who wish to have the added volume they had during pregnancy and breastfeeding, Dr. John L. Roussalis offers the breast lift and breast augmentation procedure at his practice in Casper, WY.

Breast Lift

mother and child on beachThe combination of stretched skin and lost volume will almost always result in sagging breasts. The sagging can be minimal or more severe, with the nipples pointing downward or falling below the breast crease. A woman can choose to have a breast lift if she wants to restore a youthful, uplifted breast appearance without increasing her breast size. If she wishes to lift her breasts as well as increase the size, Dr. Roussalis can perform a breast lift and a breast augmentation at the same time.

Breast Augmentation

A woman’s stretched breast skin has an advantage if she wants to increase her breast size with breast augmentation. Since the skin has been stretched, there is greater potential for a more dramatic size increase. However, stretched skin can also increase the likelihood that the implant will be easily felt within the breast. For women with this concern, Dr. Roussalis may recommend placing the implant beneath the pectoral muscle. This implant placement technique is used often in breast augmentation and provides a very natural-looking, long-lasting result.

Women who have excess fat or skin in the abdomen after pregnancy may wish to combine liposuction or a tummy tuck procedure with one or both of these breast surgeries. Most surgeons call this combination of procedures a “Mommy Makeover.” Depending on your health history, current health, and the results you desire, Dr. Roussalis will recommend the cosmetic procedures that will best meet your needs.

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