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There are only two ways to sculpt a rear end into a fuller, rounder shape: exercise or cosmetic surgery. Surgery is the quickest way to the ideal apple-bottom physique, but if you have the time, dedication, and consistency necessary, you can get the results you want with exercise.

The following exercises are some of the best to shape your behind because they involve three of the most powerful muscles in your buttocks: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. As the largest muscle in the body, the gluteus maximus will be most responsible for any increase in the size of your butt. The gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus, which are located above and below your gluteus maximus, respectively, are responsible for sculpting your butt into that round and uplifted shape you are looking for. As you work all three of these muscles at once, you will maximize total muscle stimulation and growth and get the most out of your time.

1. Squats

woman doing squat exerciseThe majority of fitness experts agree that squats – especially weighted squats – are the best exercise to sculpt the butt. A basic explanation of the exercise is to move like you are sitting down in an invisible chair, and then immediately stand back up. There are many different ways you can position your feet, but research has shown that a wider stance will target the buttock area most effectively. You can squat holding dumbbells or a barbell, or, for added safety, you could use a Smith Machine. It is important to put your weight in your heels as you stand, and to not let your knees pass your toes when you squat down. Keep your butt pushed out as if you are trying to press it against a wall behind you. If you have correct form, you should feel a good stretch in your gluteus maximus muscle.

2. Lunges

The lunge is another staple exercise that is not that difficult to perform correctly. It activates the three main gluteal muscles as well as the quadriceps (thighs) and hamstrings. Woman doing lunge exercisePlace your right foot forward and squat down so that your left knee is almost touching the floor. Your right knee should not pass your toe.
You can switch legs by stepping forward with the left foot in a walking lunge, or reposition your feet so that you stay in one spot as you alternate legs. Holding heavy dumbbells will definitely help you feel the burn. Longer strides will activate your butt muscles more effectively; shorter strides will place more attention on the quadriceps. Remember to feel the long stretch in your glutes before you push into the movement. The longer the stretch, the more your muscle will be activated.

3. Stair Climbing or Step-Ups

Getting that long stretch in the glutes can also be accomplished with step ups or climbing stairs. The higher the step, the more effective the movement; however, the step shouldn’t be so high that it puts significant strain on your knees. Woman doing step up stair climbing exerciseYou can step with every other leg, or step with one leg at a time. For climbing stairs, get the most out of the movement by skipping a step. For an added burn, sprint up the stairs, walk back down and repeat.

Sculpting your body through exercise takes a significant amount of consistency and time. If you want fast and beautiful results, Dr. John Roussalis recommends the butt lift procedure, which gets rid of excess skin and fat and sculpts your rear end into a beautifully round and feminine shape.

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