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Achieving Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation ResultsEvery woman is different when it comes to the aesthetic results she desires for her breast augmentation. Just like some women are satisfied with smaller breasts, women who desire larger breasts will have varying opinions when it comes to how their breasts should look. Some women prefer the augmented look with high, round breasts. However, as breast augmentation continues to grow in popularity, more women are looking to achieve natural-looking breast augmentation results.

While every woman’s body is different and will look different after a breast augmentation, there are some general guidelines you can consider when making decisions for your breast augmentation. Luckily, modern breast augmentation is full of numerous options so you may achieve custom, natural-looking results.

Implant Type

When trying to obtain a natural breast aesthetic, implant type plays a key role in creating breasts that look and feel natural. While saline implants have their own benefits, silicone implants are going to provide you with the closest feel to natural breast tissue. The cohesive silicone gel that makes up the silicone implants is soft and pliable, but it still maintains its basic shape much like breast tissue. Silicone implants are also less prone to visible rippling and wrinkling, making them ideal for more petite women with thinner breast tissue.

Implant Size  

Figuring out implant size is a delicate balancing act. Go too small and you may end up disappointed in your breast appearance. On the other hand, breasts that are too large can appear disproportionate and noticeably augmented. Your body frame will help you decide which implant size works best for you. Double D’s might look too large on a woman with a petite body frame but pleasantly proportionate on a larger woman. It is important to remember that implants are measured in cc’s (cubic centimeters) and not cup sizes. You should understand how much volume you wish to add to the breasts, not necessarily what cup size you want to be. Dr. Roussalis will help you come to a final decision on the proper implant size that best suits your body frame and provides natural-appearing breasts.

Implant Location

Where you place the implant in the breast pocket can affect how natural the breast looks. When you place the implants over the pectoral muscle, the implants sit higher on the chest and can cause the breasts to appear noticeably augmented. To achieve a more natural breast slope, you should consider a submuscular placement. In these cases, the top of the implant is covered, creating a more natural breast slope. The muscle also covers the edges of the implant so it blends into the breast better and minimizes any visible rippling. Submuscular locations also provide extra support for the implant, reducing the risk of bottoming out.

If you are looking to achieve naturally beautiful breast augmentation results, schedule your consultation with Dr. Roussalis today. Dr. Roussalis is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in providing women with natural-looking, beautifully enhanced breasts. Contact our office at 307-234-4585 or fill out our online contact form for additional information.