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Of all the plastic surgery procedures available today, breast reduction stands out for its high patient satisfaction rate. Breast reduction patients seem to be the happiest of all plastic surgery patients because of how much better their quality of life is after surgery.

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

What Is It About Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction minimizes oversized breasts in women. While many women want larger breasts, others wish for smaller breasts because of their lower quality of life due to their overly large breasts. Breast reduction has been shown to produce not only cosmetically pleasing results but also dramatic improvements in self-confidence and quality of life.

The Many Benefits of Breast Reduction

  • No more chronic pain: Heavy breasts can cause chronic neck, shoulder, chest, and back pain as well as headaches. Reducing the size and weight of the breasts can alleviate much or all of these chronic discomforts.
  • No more shoulder grooves: Some women with overly large breasts have permanent shoulder grooves from overexerted bra straps. Reducing the weight of the breasts relieves the pressure on the bra straps and minimizes this risk.
  • No more skin irritation: Large-busted women commonly experience skin rashes and irritation under their breasts and on their shoulders from bra straps. Breast reduction reduces the friction that causes skin irritation.
  • Better proportions: Downsizing the breasts can improve body proportions so that your figure is more balanced and attractive.
  • Better posture: Just like carrying something heavy in front of you will cause you to stoop forward, large breasts can also hurt your posture. Reducing your breast size limits the pressure on your back and shoulders so that you can have better posture.
  • Reduced unwanted attention: Catcalling and suggestive looks are just a few of the sadly familiar experiences for women with large breasts. Breast reduction can reduce this unwanted attention.
  • Better clothing fit: Most clothing styles are not designed for large-busted women. Breast reduction can help you to find well-fitted bras and a wider variety of clothing styles that fit and flatter your body.
  • More flexibility for physical activity: Heavy, oversized breasts can slow you down, restrict maneuverability, and even cause intense pain when you engage in physical activities. Many women who undergo breast reduction experience vast improvements in their physical activity, from more flexibility of movement to reduced discomfort and pain to a more positive experience overall.
  • Improved functionality: Simply put, large breasts can get in your way. Moderately sized breasts after breast reduction can make you feel less encumbered and more able to accomplish daily tasks.
  • Improved self-confidence: Increased self-confidence is often a byproduct of breast reduction as patients feel more comfortable in their bodies.

If you have overly large breasts and are interested in experiencing this same happiness and improved quality of life, schedule your consultation today with Dr. John Roussalis. Call (307) 234-4585 or fill out our online contact form to book your appointment today.