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Permanent cosmetics use the latest technology to apply pigmentation to the dermis, or tattoo. Popular applications include eyeliner of both the upper and lower lids, lip liner and full lips, or even eyebrows, often in people who have lost them as a consequence of old age, disease, such as alopecia, chemotherapy, or a genetic disturbance, and to disguise scars and white spots in the skin such as in Vitiligo. It is also used to restore or enhance the breast’s areola, such as after breast surgery.

Micropigmentation is an innovative way of placing or replacing color in your skin. Also known as permanent makeup, permanent cosmetics or medical tattooing, Micropigmentation allows you to wake up with perfectly defined lips, beautiful brows and expressive eyes. Micropigmentation can be used to camouflage scars as well as to give your nipple-areola complex a more realistic appearance following breast surgery. Please contact our office for more information if you are considering having Micropigmentation.