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Treating My Spider Veins

Do unsightly leg veins have you relegated to pants and long skirts? If so, you aren’t alone; an estimated 84 percent of people will suffer from spider veins at some point in their lives. Spider veins are usually just a cosmetic nuisance, but for some people, they can become a painful problem. But don’t worry, […]

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The Benefits of Hand Rejuvenation

Although most people are concerned about signs of aging in their faces, the hands can also reveal a person’s age. As time passes, the hands become wrinkled as fat volume decreases, and the skin becomes thin with less elasticity. Sun spots start to appear, and veins and bones may begin to show through the skin. […]

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Get Rid of Those Pesky Spider Veins

Do you ever feel embarrassed about the unsightly clusters of small blue, red, and purple veins on your legs? Spider veins, also called “telangiectasia” or “sunburst varicosities,” are dilations of small thin blood vessels that lay close to the surface of the skin that develop when blood doesn’t circulate properly due to damaged valves inside […]

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What Are Spider Veins and Why Do They Form?

If you feel embarrassed about red and blue clusters of vessels on your legs, you’re not alone. According to, about half of all women and men are affected by these unsightly veins, known as spider veins. These veins form when valves inside of veins become weak or damaged, resulting in blood not circulating properly […]

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