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Volumize Your Skin With Dermal Fillers

If your face has developed fine lines, sunken cheeks, or thinning lips, there are proven techniques that can help you look more youthful. You can improve the appearance of your face and the volume of your skin with the use of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers enhance skin volume and improve the appearance of sunken cheeks, […]

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Make Age Spots and Hyperpigmentation Disappear

Age spots and hyperpigmentation interrupt a smooth, clear complexion. However, the right products and treatments can restore an even, smooth skin tone without color irregularities. With proper skin care products and periodic appointments for professional skin care treatment, age spots and hyperpigmentation can disappear. Chemical Peel A chemical peel is a treatment that removes the […]

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Open vs. Closed Rhinoplasty

Many plastic surgery procedures can be performed with different approaches using different techniques, incision types, and incision locations. For example, rhinoplasty can be conducted as a closed rhinoplasty or an open rhinoplasty. Here are the pros and cons of closed rhinoplasty versus open rhinoplasty and how to know which technique is right for you. Closed […]

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The DOs and DON’Ts of Breast Augmentation Recovery

As with any surgical procedure, there are important rules to follow after breast augmentation surgery, which can help ensure you have a smooth recovery. Here are some of the DOs and DON’Ts of breast augmentation recovery: DO… Follow the instructions that Dr. Roussalis gives you. Dr. Roussalis is an experienced plastic surgeon and will provide […]

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Take Your Butt From Flab to Fab!

With the ever-increasing popularity of a full and round backside, people are always looking for ways to tone their tushes and boost their buttocks. The following circuit training exercises will not only increase your heart rate but also target the muscles in your buttocks. Do 20 repetitions of one exercise before going on to the […]

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Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work?

Laser Hair Removal, Casper, WY When compared to razors, waxing, and threading, laser hair removal takes the cake as the most efficient method of hair removal, especially in the long run. Traditional hair removal methods require you to spend time and money over and over again to maintain smooth skin, and these methods can be […]

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Give Him a New Valentine’s Day Gift: A More Confident You

Breast Augmentation Gives Confidence When thinking about what to get your man for this year’s Valentine’s Day, ditch that drug store box of chocolates and think about giving him something he can really use: a more confident you. According to a study from Brazil, 80 percent of women have reported an increase in sexual satisfaction […]

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