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The Benefits of Hand Rejuvenation

Although most people are concerned about signs of aging in their faces, the hands can also reveal a person’s age. As time passes, the hands become wrinkled as fat volume decreases, and the skin becomes thin with less elasticity. Sun spots start to appear, and veins and bones may begin to show through the skin. […]

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Why Many Men Prefer Curvy Women

From paintings to song lyrics, the bodies of curvaceous women have been lauded since the dawn of time. Of course there are always exceptions, but there’s no doubt that the female form is admired by many. But just why is a well-proportioned body with an hourglass figure so desirable? Here, we delve into the scientific […]

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Recycle, Reduce, Reuse… Your Own Fat?

In 1989, President George Bush declared April National Recycling Month, which also happens to include Earth Day that falls on April 22nd this year. Since then, our society has grown leaps and bounds in our ability to repurpose things for which we no longer have a use. The vast majority of Americans now have access […]

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