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Improve Sensation With Vaginal Rejuvenation

One of the lesser-known plastic surgery procedures available today is vaginal rejuvenation. Women who have loose internal and external vaginal tissues can undergo a safe, non-invasive treatment that will tighten the tissues and improve sensation in the vagina. This simple procedure, known as THERMIva®, produces noticeable tissue tightening and can enhance sexual pleasure. Vaginal Rejuvenation […]

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9 Skin Problems That Microdermabrasion Can Correct

Like a fine sand blaster, microdermabrasion removes excess skin and refines the top layer of your skin. Because this treatment removes damaged skin and stimulates new healthy skin growth, microdermabrasion is an incredibly effective skin rejuvenation procedure. Microdermabrasion can correct many skin problems and restore smoother, healthier, and younger-looking skin. 1. Age Spots/Sun Damage The […]

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Brow Lift, BOTOX® Cosmetic, or Blepharoplasty? Choosing Your Treatment

Wrinkles and sagging skin are common signs of aging, but not everyone ages at the same pace or in the same way. The way your forehead, brows, and eyes age could differ drastically even from your immediate family members. If you know that you need rejuvenation for your eyes and brows, there are three main […]

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Take Your Butt From Flab to Fab!

With the ever-increasing popularity of a full and round backside, people are always looking for ways to tone their tushes and boost their buttocks. The following circuit training exercises will not only increase your heart rate but also target the muscles in your buttocks. Do 20 repetitions of one exercise before going on to the […]

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The Top Non-Surgical Procedures

When many people think of plastic surgery, they usually picture invasive procedures, such as breast augmentation or facelift surgery, being performed in a surgical room. However, advancements in the effectiveness of minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments, such as filler injections and microdermabrasion, have seen a rise in popularity over the last few years. According to the American […]

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Why Many Men Prefer Curvy Women

From paintings to song lyrics, the bodies of curvaceous women have been lauded since the dawn of time. Of course there are always exceptions, but there’s no doubt that the female form is admired by many. But just why is a well-proportioned body with an hourglass figure so desirable? Here, we delve into the scientific […]

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All I Want for Christmas Are My Two… BREASTS!

What’s on your Christmas list this year? Maybe it’s the latest iPhone, a new camera, or a big screen TV? Or maybe it’s something you’ve told no one about… something you really want. Odds are, you haven’t thought to ask anyone for a new pair of breasts this Christmas. The thought probably hasn’t even crossed […]

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How the First Breast Implant Was Conceived

The history of breast augmentation began with a variety of failed techniques until the development of the silicone breast implant. Doctors began injecting paraffin into women’s chests in the 1890s, but their breasts soon grew hard, lumpy, and infected. Fat transplants from the buttocks and abdomen were popular in the 1920s, but breast asymmetry and […]

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