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When Am I Ready for Body Contouring?

Body contouring is something that you may be interested in, but it’s important to know the right time to consider it. Various factors will affect how well your body responds to body contouring and how permanent or effective the results may be. Here are some of the factors that determine whether or not you’re ready […]

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Tummy Tuck for Better Posture and Bladder Control

Aging, genetics, pregnancy, dramatic weight loss, weight gain, and other various factors can create a number of problems for our bodies. One of the most visible problems is an increase in stubborn belly fat. Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) is a body contouring procedure that can remove excess fat and skin from around the waist and […]

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Maintain Your Figure With a Tummy Tuck

Lasting Weight Loss After Abdominoplasty Those who have lost a significant amount of weight are often dissatisfied with their resulting appearance because of loose, hanging skin. The most common complaint is of the abdominal area, where many people pack on the extra pounds in the form of abdominal fat. When weight is originally gained, the […]

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Say “I Do” to a More Fabulous You!

Saying “I do” to your partner on your wedding day only happens once, and that fact adds even more pressure for your wedding to be perfect. Everything from the right dress to the seating chart gets scrutinized and stressed over. What you shouldn’t be worrying about on your big day is how you’re going to […]

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What She Really Wants for Christmas: A Mommy Makeover

Motherhood presents women with some of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of their lives. Unfortunately, pregnancy and childbirth often have negative physical effects on the body, such as a protruding abdomen and sagging or deflated breasts. If you’ve tried various diet and exercise regimens to get your pre-pregnancy body back after having children, you’ve […]

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Nutrition Basics

Eating nutritiously can help you be healthy and reach your goal weight, and it is also important for preparing for and recovering from surgery. A healthy body is able to efficiently perform life-sustaining metabolic processes, from digestion and harvesting energy from foods to using that energy to effectively grow, protect, and heal the body. Individuals […]

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