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Breast augmentation surgery can dramatically change a woman’s figure. Most women who undergo breast augmentation love their new, flattering curves and enjoy the changes in how they look and feel. However, some women may feel that their breast implants are too large. Women who are dissatisfied with the size of their breast implants can choose to have them reduced by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Roussalis. The doctor will perform breast implant removal, insert new, smaller implants, and even perform a breast lift if desired.

Removing Breast ImplantsBefore choosing breast implant reduction, women should give their bodies time to heal properly after the initial augmentation procedure. The implants also need time to settle; this typically takes about one year after breast augmentation. It is only after this that the woman will be able to see exactly how her breasts will look long-term.

Various life factors can also affect the breasts after breast augmentation. For instance, significant weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and nursing will alter the appearance of a woman’s breasts. If the implants seem too large after one of these life events, breast implant reduction surgery can replace them with smaller ones that better suit the woman’s desires.

Changing the Implants

Breast implant reduction requires implant replacement. To reduce the size of silicone implants, they must be replaced. Saline implants should also be replaced, as merely removing saline from the shell may lead to folding and increase the risk of deflation. Along with having breast implants replaced by smaller ones, women can choose to change implant type as well as placement for the revision procedure.  

The Procedure

Breast implant reduction typically lasts one hour and is performed with the patient under anesthesia. The surgeon removes the original implants and replaces them with new implants. In most cases, the implants are placed in the same position as the original implants unless a change was deemed necessary to meet the desired goal. Most of the time, the surgeon uses the original incisions to minimize scarring. With breast implant reduction, recovery tends to be easier than the recovery after initial breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Lift

In some cases, a woman may want a breast lift as well as implant reduction. Since the skin stretches to accommodate the implants after the original procedure, reducing implant size may result in excess skin and breast sagging. With a breast lift and breast implant reduction procedure, the breasts can be reduced and lifted to a more aesthetically pleasing size and position. Results are long lasting and contribute to self-confidence and satisfaction with the improved breast shape, size, and placement.

If you’re interested in learning more about breast implant reduction and/or other procedures that Dr. Roussalis offers, schedule your private consultation with him today by calling 307-234-4585 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to meeting with you.