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October is Breast Cancer Pink female figure next to the breast cancer ribbon and "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" writtenAwareness Month, and this annual campaign was designed to increase awareness and understanding of the disease. Although most people know about the existence of breast cancer, many do not take the necessary steps to detect it, and early detection of breast cancer significantly increases the survival rate.

Breast cancer affects approximately one in eight women, which means that it is likely that someone you know may have to deal with this awful disease. A common misconception is that people diagnosed with breast cancer developed a lump or have a family history of breast cancer, but a staggering 75 percent of women with breast cancer have no risk factors or symptoms. This is why it is so important that awareness about this disease is spread and people understand the importance of early detection through breast exams.

Breast Exams

Breast exams have increased early-stage breast cancer diagnoses. The types of breast exams include:

  • Breast self-exam
  • Clinical breast exam
  • Mammogram


The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. has developed tools to help women and their families prevent and better understand breast cancer.

  • The Early Detection Plan allows you to create your own plan to detect the disease in its early stages.
  • Beyond the Shock is a free, comprehensive online guide to understanding breast cancer.

Breast Reconstruction

Mastectomy is the surgical removal of one or both breasts, and it is often used to treat or prevent breast cancer. Breast reconstruction creates a breast mound to replace the lost breast(s) and help patients feel whole again.

If you are considering breast reconstruction surgery, please call (307) 234-4585 or fill out our online contact form for more information. Dr. John L. Roussalis is ABPS Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, and he will explain all of your breast reconstruction options during your consultation.