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Anyone who’s heard of BOTOX® Cosmetic probably knows that it is used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face for a smoother and more youthful complexion. BOTOX® Cosmetic can improve facial wrinkles (e.g., “crow’s feet” and “frown lines”) to rejuvenate your appearance. But, did you know that BOTOX® Cosmetic may also help improve your mood?

The Facial Feedback Hypothesis

Our facial muscles move to express our emotions, and the facial feedback hypothesis states that these muscle movements can influence our mood. Essentially, this means that emotions and expressions are a two-way street; we feel something and express it, and the muscle movements of that expression reinforce that emotion in our brain. As Charles Darwin said in his book The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, “The free expression by outward signs of an emotion intensifies it. On the other hand, the repression […] of all outward signs softens our emotions.”

Woman with butterfly in natureNumerous studies have revealed that if you use the muscles involved in expressing a negative emotion (e.g., sadness, anger, or worry), your brain will think you’re discontent or worried about something, and you will begin to feel that way. Conversely, if you smile, it will be reinforced in your brain, and you’ll feel happier. It turns out that there might be something to the old phrase, “Grin and bear it.”

BOTOX® Cosmetic and Facial Feedback

BOTOX® Cosmetic for depression aligns with Darwin’s statement that repressing an expression softens the emotion. By inhibiting the movement of the forehead muscle associated with conveying negative emotions, BOTOX® Cosmetic prevents those emotions from being expressed and, therefore, reinforced. Patients who undergo treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic often experience improved mood and reduced feelings of depression, and the added benefit of a more youthful appearance helps them feel more confident.

Benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic:

  • Treatment only takes a few minutes
  • Results are visible immediately
  • No downtime is required after treatment
  • Results last up to four months

If you’re interested in achieving a more youthful and cheerful appearance with BOTOX® Cosmetic, schedule your consultation with Dr. John Roussalis by calling 307-234-4585 or by filling out our online contact form.