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What’s on your Christmas list this year? Maybe it’s the latest iPhone, a new camera, or a big screen TV? Or maybe it’s something you’ve told no one about… something you really want. Odds are, you haven’t thought to ask anyone for a new pair of breasts this Christmas. The thought probably hasn’t even crossed your mind this time of year, especially since this season is all about giving to others. But studies have shown that spending a little time to improve yourself – and really give yourself a boost in confidence – can enable you to care for others in a much more effective way. There is no need to feel guilty about that! In fact, there are many other reasons why now is the best time of year to get plastic surgery.

‘Tis the Season for Breast Augmentation

Woman with a red ribbon tied around her breasts symbolizing a Christmas present

Time Off

The average downtime needed for breast augmentation is about two weeks. Although the holiday season is filled with hustle and bustle, it also usually involves some time off from work. It’s the perfect time to recover and do some online Christmas shopping!

The Holiday Spirit

In the first few days after surgery, you should avoid bending and heavy lifting. Luckily, many people are in the holiday spirit at this time of year and will have no problems assisting you with whatever you need.

Colder Weather

In an area like Casper, WY, where snow is common and the wind only intensifies the cold, bundling up is a must. After surgery, wearing clothes that are thick and comfortable will not only keep you warm, but they will also disguise anything you don’t want others to see. Scars with breast augmentation are easily hidden beneath swimwear and bras, but sometimes the breasts can sit high on the chest right after surgery. It may take a couple of weeks before swelling goes down, and they settle into their rightful position. If you’re self-conscious about the way they look initially, it makes sense to wear extra clothing to cover up.

Even if your holiday season ends without the two things you wanted most, the New Year is still a great time to get a breast augmentation. The weather is still cold, and you can begin 2014 with the confident body you deserve. Come bikini season, when your new breasts can make their big debut, they will be more than ready!

If you are interested in the breast augmentation procedure, Dr. John L. Roussalis is a board-certified breast surgeon that can give you the results you wish for this season. His extensive background in breast reconstruction has given him substantial experience with creating the most aesthetically pleasing contours during all types of breast surgery. This is only one of the many qualities that make Dr. Roussalis a surgeon you can trust.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Roussalis in Casper or Gillette, Wyoming, please call (307) 234-4585 today or fill out our online contact form.